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How to make PC board processing materials?

by:UNQ     2021-03-29
How to make PC board processing materials? We know that PC boards are indispensable building materials in our lives. Of course, we know a certain material of PC boards to get help when we buy them in the future. So, let our editor introduce to you the material of PC board. PC sheets processing-board introduction PC sheets is also called polycarbonate board, and it is called 'transparent steel plate'. Its applicable scale: construction industry, aviation industry, transportation advertising industry, military industry, agricultural greenhouse industry, sound insulation wall and other industries. Because its transparency is second only to glass, which is more common to us, and its sheet is not easy to break, its strength is much higher than that of glass and acrylic, and its sheet has been processed into other methods, so it is more and more popular with the public.

PC endurance board processing-opening status PC endurance board processing is mainly opened in recent years, but due to its characteristics, the opening is faster than its global polycarbonate application (15%) Quickly, according to incomplete statistics, the processing of PC endurance boards now accounts for 5% of the PC endurance board building materials market. Taking the Chinese market as an example, the increase is recorded at 23.5%. With the increasing use of polycarbonate, the cost of producing polycarbonate decreases, and its technology becomes more and more old, the processing industry of PC endurance board will become faster and faster. PC endurance board processing-principle analysis of PC endurance board processing, its main element lies in the prospects of the market, as well as the quality of the raw materials of the PC endurance board. Nowadays, many domestic manufacturers can produce PC endurance boards, but their produced boards can be used in There are only a handful of board manufacturers that process PC endurance boards. Because of their processing through high temperature, blister, pulling, cooling and other technologies, the stress in their boards will also be greatly changed. If the purity of the raw materials of the boards contains impurities and moisture, the The success rate is also very low. In addition to the low transparency of the formed plates, the bad plate rate will also be very high.

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