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How to install the pc board after processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-28
The produced by using it as raw material is divided into hollow board series (also known as cabron, non-breakable glass) and solid board series (also known as endurance board, transparent steel plate), all of which are light-transmissive, anti-ultraviolet, and flame-retardant It is widely used in lighting and rain sheds, channel roofs, elevated road soundproof walls, shopping mall roofs, and plant greenhouses in public and civil buildings. It is currently the most ideal light shed material in the world. On the street, we have introduced the first three steps of PC sheets processing and installation. Today we will continue to show you the next steps. The first step: When the screw hole is too close to the edge of the PC board, it is very easy to cause the board to break. Generally speaking, The location of the screw hole from the edge of the PC sheets is more than 2.5 times the diameter of the screw hole. For example, for a screw with a diameter of 4mm, the position of the screw hole must be at least 1cm away from the edge of the PC board. Do not lock the screw too tightly, otherwise it will deform and induce stress.

The second step: It is best not to use self-tapping screws for the screws that are locked on the PC analysis, otherwise stress will occur, and the stress will increase with the increase of the thickness of the sheet. .In order to reduce the direct pressure of the screws and materials, washers can be used to fill the space, but PVC washers and some rubber rings will damage the PC sheets and cannot be used. The recommended gasket material is EPDM, silicone rubber and neoprene. Install the inner sun board: Install the 16mm thick inner sun board of the appropriate size according to the position of the drawing. When installing, wipe the bottom of the upper board with a white towel, and at the same time, wipe the top of the inner sun board. Installation is allowed after the clean, lest the interlayer pollution cannot be cleaned, which will affect the macroscopic effect. Step 3: Glue and install the layering: After fully checking the installation quality of the inner layer of sunshine board, install the inner layer of polycarbonate sheet while applying weather-resistant glue, and install the special aluminum alloy layering. The screw spacing and position of the bead must meet the requirements of the drawing. After all the sun panels are installed, the outer eaves of the sun panel ceiling must also be constructed according to the nodes in the drawings. The protective shed can be removed only after the outer eaves are all closed (including the glass curtain gable wall). The protective shed must be carried out in accordance with the scaffolding removal requirements, and the finished product must be protected to prevent the finished product from being damaged.

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