How to Install Polycarbonate Roof?

In the past sharing and post, we know the application and basic product knowledge of PC hollow sheet and solid sheet. Let’s take a look at the installation precautions tips of the sheet together.

  • Screw spacing: Pay attention to the screw spacing when using screws during installation. It can be appropriately configured according to the thickness of the sheet. If there are too small or too large spacing is not good as well. If the spacing is too small, sometimes stress will be caused by being too tight, causing the sheet to rupture and damage; if the screw spacing is too large, the PC sheet will be unstable. It is recommended to use the following spacing : (1). The PC sheet thickness < 3.0 mm, the screw spacing is about 20-30cm; (2). The PC sheet thickness >3.0 mm, the srcew spacing is about 30-40cm (3). When the PC sheet is fixed with the profiles; the spacing is about 30cm.
  • Screw installation position: When the position of the screw hole is too close to the edge of the PC board, it is very easy to cause the board to be break. Generally speaking, the position of the screw hole from the edge of the PC board is more than 2.5 times than the diameter of the screw hole. For example, for a screw with a diameter of 4mm, the position of the screw hole should be at least 5cm away from the edge of the PC board.
  • Hole reaming before sheet installation: In addition to the installation spacing of screws, holes need to be drilled on the PC sheet before installing the screws. We also need to consider the difference in thermal expansion and contraction of the PC sheet in summer and winter as well as day and night in the size of the screw holes. The diameter of the screw should be 2~4mm larger than the diameter of the screw to reserve a certain degree of expansion space. Since the hole diameter of the screw should be 2~4mm larger than the diameter of the screw and aluminum spacers need to be added when fixing.
  • Accessories selection for PC board:

When installing the PC sheet, if the aluminum bead is used, it must be ensured that there is a main beam at the joint. If there is no main beam, the H profile connection can be selected. For customers with high waterproof requirements, it is recommended to use butyl waterproof tape. Butyl waterproof tape and neutral glass glue cannot be used in one place at the same time. After the plate is reamed, the screw fixation must be matched with a special gasket or bead, and it is not allowed to use the screw to fix it directly when it want to ensure that the plate is firmly installed. When the thickness of the plate is different, the accessories should be matched with the corresponding accessories. Finally, when the PC sheet is installed, the slope in the direction of flowing water must be greater than 10%. If the sheet is relatively thin, it is recommended to increase the slope of the local precipitation level.

  • Tips for cold bending of PC sheet: The sheet is bent in the correct direction. In order to avoid breaking of the outer surface, the bending radius should not be less than the specified value in the following table: Minimum radius = plate thickness X175. It is recommended that the radius be controlled at more than 200 times the thickness of the plate, which can better prevent the damage of the plate.

So when you install the PC sheet in the next time you will know how to install it. The installation tips in beforehand and the installation method when doing it as well as the Mounting Angle and Slope of PC sheet is also important. If you are interested about the PC sheet and want to know more knowledge of it. Welcome to contact us freely.



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