How to Install a Terrace Awning(Canopy)?

Recently, more and more people are interested in our terrace awning. Terrace canopy kits are made of heavy aluminum alloy and solid polycarbonate roof sheets. It is excellent durable, blocking up to 99% UV rays, rainproof and rust-resistance. The terrace canopy provides an open and airy space that protects you from sun and rain. It creates an outdoor gathering and entertainment place. So do you know the features of terrace kits and how to install them? Following us to learn about it.

The Features of the Terrace Canopy

  • Gutter and downpipe

These stylish canopies usually have rainwater guttering built in. With the complete drainage system, water won’t splash around. Water flows through the downpipe to the ground.

  • Strong Polycarbonate roof

Literally unbreakable 2mm-4mm tinted solid polycarbonate sheet with 6 different color choices. Polycarbonate solid sheets are snow-resistant, rainproof, hail-proof, wind-resistant, heat-resistant, and falling objects resistant. 200 times strong than glass.

  • Aluminum alloy frame

Rust-resistant powder-coated aluminum frame with 4 different standard colors plus galvanized steel connector. Ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles, pre-cut panels, all screws, bolts, and caps included.

How to Install the Terrace Canopy?

Most polycarbonate roof systems are used for covering areas in and around gardens and patios. They are an easy addition to covered space providing rain protection all year round. Most outdoor canopies are easy to install and only need a wall plate fixing and then the correct number of support posts to hold the roof beams and polycarbonate inserts. So how to install a terrace awning after you bought it?Please see following procedures.

Step 1: Install the back frame, stand column and edging frame

As shown in the figure, punch in the middle of the back frame, holes leaving 50mm for both ends, the remaining holes are perforated at a pitch of about 400mm to 60mm and have a hole diameter of 10mm.

Edging frame installation:

  • Adjust the gutter position to aligned back frame vertically
  • Fix the left and right edging frame with M412 stainless steel self-drilling screws
  • Adjust the four diagonals to 90 degrees with a 90 degree scale
  • Make a temporary fixing for the last side of the edging frame, and remove it when install the last polycarbonate panel

Step 2: Install the polycarbonate panel and middle frame

As shown in the figure, insert the polycarbonate panels into the grooves of middle frame simultaneously when installing the middle frame, please don’t fix screw until finishing inserting polycarbonate panels, then fix the back frame with screws.

①Insert the polycarbonate panel Simultaneously with the middle frame.

②As shown in the figure , fix the gutter and back frame.

When install the middle frame and gutter,please don’t fix screw until finishing inserting polycarbonate panels,then fix the back frame with screws.

Step 3: Install the rubber strip, brackets and water pipe

As shown in the figure, install the rubber strip, bracket and water pipe

Step 4: Install the back frame and gutter cover

As shown in the figure, install the back frame and gutter cover and then seal with silicon sealant.

Installation of the back frame and gutter cover

  • As shown in the figure, adhesive gutter and edging frame with silicon sealant.
  • As shown in the figure, tight the cover the gutter after the gluing silicon sealant.
  • After tightening, add silicon sealant inside the gutter.
  • Cover the back frame after adding silcon sealant the back cover.
  • As shown in the figure , fix the back cover with Stainless Steel Self-Drilling Screws
  • As shown in the figure,add silcon sealant after tighting the back cover

Where You Can Get Terrance Canopy Kits?

If you are needed for patio cover kits or terrance canopy kits, please feel free to contact us. UNQ company are professional manufacturer of polycarbonate outdoor applications such as door awning kits,terrance canopy, car shed. Our terrance kits are durable, UV-protected and rainproof. Welcome any inquiry!



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