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How to give the sunshine board set?

by:UNQ     2020-11-10
Remember 1950 small make up to introduce all kinds of strict before the origin of the polycarbonate sheet, today we will focus on sunshine board another feature, that is it changeful form. About the sunshine board different shapes to make way also want to have a general understanding, so after know should use what kind of ways to keep its shape? In the making process of the polycarbonate sheet, in order to get the ideal shape, finalize the design is key link, this step is usually can be finished in combination way, one is the cooling water ring method, another is the cooling air ring method. After, by contrast, a way to control up to have a greater difficulty, easy to mistake in operation and appear larger error, so suggest cooling water loop method is used. Simple to understand, is the use of the regulation of the flow, making the sun plate surface by water flow evenly and avoid. The corresponding defects by water is not balanced.
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