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How to distinguish the pros and cons of plexiglass panels

by:UNQ     2021-03-31
Plexiglass processing is a high-quality engineering plastic material with decades of history. In recent years, the processing technology of plexiglass has become increasingly perfect. Improve, and its position in the ever-changing advertising crafts market can be said to be in full swing. Plexiglass products, plexiglass handicrafts are novel in appearance, diverse in design, and eye-catching, so that every penny invested by customers will receive the most ideal return, and gradually occupy a larger and larger market share of advertising handicrafts. The superiority of plexiglass material, the perfect combination of the designer's outstanding creativity and the exquisite craftsmanship of the crafts manufacturer, make the inspiration that bursts into reality. Long-term performance: Like all plastic materials, the impact resistance of plexiglass products will decrease as the temperature decreases. High-quality plexiglass panels usually use high-quality raw materials and unique formula production processes to make them have excellent long-term outdoor performance. For applications, the expected service life can exceed 10 years.

The difference between good and bad plexiglass processing and simple identification method: plexiglass plates are also good and bad. At present, there are many plexiglass plates made of recycled MMA monomer and pure new material MMA on the market. Compared with the plexiglass board, the performance difference is obvious. Pure new material transparent plexiglass board, the return material transparent plexiglass board has excellent UV resistance, at least 5 years will not yellow, will not fade and lose light, UV resistance is very poor, and will turn yellow at most half a year. The light transmittance is greater than 92%. The light rate is less than 86%; the cross-section is transparent and colorless and the cross-section is yellow, with excellent anti-cracking and chemical resistance, easy to crack, high-quality and protective film, providing sufficient protection, low-quality protective film. Due to people's incomplete understanding of plexiglass processing recycled panels and its low price, recycled plexiglass panels still occupy a large market space in China. But it is foreseeable that as people gradually deepen their understanding of plexiglass materials, the living space of recycled panels will become smaller and smaller. 1. The appearance of the recycled board is yellowish, especially obvious from the cross section. 2. Bubbles and deformation are easy to occur during thermoforming and heating. 3. The surface is easy to scratch and produces irritating odors when cutting. 5. Foaming when burning, emit black smoke and have a pungent odor

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