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How to distinguish plexiglass processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-25

   plexiglass processing PC sheets, acrylic board PS, MS, PP board, identification method Plastic board: acrylic, PC polycarbonate sheet, PS, MS board, these types of boards are very similar, compared with the same color Under the hood, it is impossible to identify what kind of boards those are. If consumers do not understand product knowledge, it will give sellers an opportunity to scam. Make the seller profitable. Assuming that these types of sheets are all transparent and colorless at present, consumers can only recognize that they are colorless and transparent, but they cannot identify those made of plexiglass and those made of PC endurance sheets. Use PS board and MS board to serve as plexiglass (acrylic), and use plexiglass processing to serve as PC endurance board! Invisible, businesses can seek greater benefits. In fact, this will bring serious cyclical results to customers, because their processing performance is different due to different original materials. Recognition of polycarbonate sunshine board, acrylic board PS, MS, PP board

  Acrylic is respectively: extruded board and cast board. The recognition of extruded board is that the transparency is good, and the most primitive identification method is used. When the fire is burning, the flame is clear, there is no smoke, there are bubbles, and the filament can be pulled out when it is extinguished. The identification of the cast plate is: higher transparency, no smoke, bubbles, and squeaking sound when burning with fire, and no wire when extinguishing. Suitable for products that require high transparency, such as acrylic photo frames, acrylic boxes, acrylic table plates, this type of display stand that focuses on displaying acrylic internal products

  PS endurance board, identification The method is: high transparency, good impact resistance, not broken, burning with fire is basically not burnable, flame retardant, and will emit some dark smoke. PS organic board, the identification method is: the transparency is normal, there will be pitting when it is reflected. Relatively brittle and easy to break. There will be a clicking sound when hitting the ground. A large amount of black smoke is produced when burning with fire.

   plexiglass processing PP board: polypropylene (PP) board, (PP pure board, modified PP board, reinforced PP board, PP welding pp (polypropylene) burning smell is the smell of oil, Secondly, we can judge by burning smoke. If the burning is a small amount of black smoke, the material is pp (polypropylene). See if you know more about acrylic sheet, what kind of sheet is used is not absolute. It depends on the function and purpose of the product.

  MS board, the identification method is: the transparency is normal, there will be pitting when reflecting light. When burning with fire, it will produce a lot of black smoke. Basically similar to PS The board is relatively close, but the flexibility and processing performance are better than that of PS organic board. It is suitable for products that require more bending arcs.

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