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How to distinguish different materials of plastic board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-24

   Nowadays, people looking at all kinds of pc boards on the market are dazzled. There are many types of processing. What are the specific ones? What is each type of plastic board processing?

  PC sheets processing The types mainly include the following:

  PC board cutting, engraving, drilling, milling, bending, hot bending, hot pressing, stamping, bonding, polishing, printing, blister, blow molding, Compression molding, etc. Among them, the PC sheets cutting process is relatively simple, and the operation is also convenient.

   The most popular item on the market is plastic sheet, which is a very broad industry. Plastic sheets account for almost one-third of the materials used in the current market for processing products, second only to the amount of metal and wood.

   Facts have proved that the current plastics industry is very promising. To be successful in this industry, of course you must first understand product knowledge. The most popular plastic sheets on the market at present: Plexiglas, PC, PS, MS boards, these types of boards are very similar, how to distinguish Plexiglas, PC sheets processing, PS organic board, MS board, these boards especially How to compare transparent boards.

  First: Plexiglas (acrylic) are: extruded board and cast board, the recognition of extruded board is good transparency, using the most primitive identification method, fire When burning and burning, the flame is clear, there is no smoke, there are bubbles, and the filament can be pulled out when extinguishing. The identification of the cast plate is: higher transparency, no smoke, bubbles, and squeaking sound when burning with fire, and no wire when extinguishing.

  Second: Plastic board processing, the identification method is: high transparency, good impact resistance, not broken, burning with fire is basically incombustible, flame-retardant, and will emit partially black smoke.

   Third: PS organic board, the identification method is: the transparency is normal, there will be pitting when it is reflected. Relatively brittle and easy to break. There will be a clicking sound when hitting the ground. A large amount of black smoke is produced when burning with fire.

   Fourth: MS board, the identification method is: the transparency is normal, there will be pitting when it is reflected. When burning with a fire, a large amount of black smoke is produced. It's basically close to PS board, but its flexibility and processing performance are better than PS organic board.

  The same color, in contrast, can hardly identify what kind of board those are.

   If consumers do not understand product knowledge, it will give sellers an opportunity to deceive and make sellers profitable.

   Assuming that these types of boards are all transparent and colorless, consumers can only recognize that they are colorless and transparent, but they cannot recognize which are plexiglass (acrylic) and which are PC endurance. Board and so on.

   Because of this, some unscrupulous merchants will deceive some customers, using PS boards and MS boards as plexiglass (acrylic), and plexiglass as PC endurance boards! Invisible merchants can do it Seek greater benefits.

The fact that    plastic board processing will bring serious cyclical consequences to customers, because different raw materials have different processing properties.

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