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How to distinguish between PC sunshine board quality?

by:UNQ     2020-10-29
2081. See transparency warranty time long sunshine light transmittance plate at about 94%, the lower its back is expected to increase transparency, the more defect sunshine board color hair black. Open protective film see plank. Without impurity particles of plank is a new material, on the contrary with foreign impurity is added back, back is expected to increase more impurities, the more significant plate quality is poorer. 2. Look up and down the thickness of the wall thickness is thicker, the material, the higher the proportion, the cost is high, the plate quality is better, and also the measures to sunshine board weight per unit area. Bending sunlight sample boards, brittle broken plate quality is poor, PC (polycarbonate plate is a good patience, if the plate is easy craze, that is not pure PC material, also increased the sunshine of the back plate. 3. See flat plate flatness of plate on the one hand to clarify fluctuation wall thicker, materials, out of shape not easily; Equipment process, on the other hand, also good analogy, if the plate with the waves present that illustrate the sunshine board technology is not sophisticated may thin wall match up and down. 4. Look at the price the same standard of the sunshine board, different brand polycarbonate sheet price range is too big, the low price of the sunshine board must have a problem.
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