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How to distinguish between endurance plate and laminated glass which is better?

by:UNQ     2020-11-22
3508 endurance plate must have no small make up what is repeated, after compared with some other materials, we also found that the advantages of it. So endurance plate compared with laminated glass, where more good? To answer this question, but I ask why concrete is used for purpose. Endurance plate, with a canopy or industrial parts production materials, it has good pervious to light quality, impact resistance, uv resistance, flame retardant, flexible, sound insulation, energy saving, etc. Even under the harsh environment use, also can maintain stable physical properties. And the safety of the laminated glass is higher, when the material impact, will not easily be throughout, debris will not fall off. There is also a certain seismic, anti-theft, bulletproof, explosion-proof, energy-saving and insulation resistance. Endurance plate and the price of the laminated glass is similar, the only advantage is under the condition of the same thickness, endurance plate is more light.
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