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How to distinguish acrylic and endurance board in plastic board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-23

   Among many sheet products, acrylic and endurance boards are two more common types, which are often used to make various products.

  How to better distinguish between acrylic and endurance board, we use it. In fact, acrylic and endurance board are two completely different products, as far as the raw materials are concerned, there are obvious differences.

  Secondly, it can be distinguished from the light transmittance of the surface. Generally, the light transmittance of the new material endurance board is very high, and it looks relatively transparent, while the acrylic is a bit dark Yes, without those clarity. In addition, acrylic is easier to age and has a limited service life, but the endurance board does not have such concerns.

  Acrylic is relatively brittle, which means that it has limited resistance to impact. One of the advantages of the endurance board is that it has high resistance to impact, so you can distinguish between acrylic and endurance board by just hitting it hard.

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