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How to cut the PC board without causing damage

by:UNQ     2021-03-19

   The correct PC sheets processing and cutting method; we often see PC boards in our lives. The size of the conventionally produced polycarbonate sheet is 2.1*6m, but because the size of the polycarbonate sheet can be customized according to the special needs of customers, polycarbonate Therefore, the size of the ester board is different, and the style is different. In order to be beautiful and to save the cost, it is extremely important to perform the correct PC sun board processing-cutting. Make sure that the horizontal and vertical directions of the sunlight board are as far as possible. The vertical dimension of the board is longer than the horizontal (the side with the grid), and the horizontal bending of the board is not allowed. Before cutting the polycarbonate board, it is necessary to draw lines on the finished product scale, so that the cut out sunlight board is more accurate and beautiful. When cutting, you need to use a dry air compressor to blow out the sun board grooves. The sawdust can be cut and emitted towards the air. Keep the sun board clean and tidy.

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