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How to cut plexiglass processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-13
1. Prepare the operating table for plexiglass cutting (you can choose a table or a professional workbench), and then clamp the glass to be cut on the operating table (note that the protective paper on the plexiglass is not torn off). 2. Measure and mark the part that needs to be cut. 3. Align the line marked to be cut with the edge of the table, and note that its alignment should be parallel to the saw blade.

4. The general cutting tool is a high speed steel saw blade. Usually, what we should buy is a high-speed steel saw blade for cutting plexiglass. If you want to cut more than one piece of plexiglass at a time or cut those thick plexiglass, you need to buy a carbide saw blade tool. 5. Use coolant when cutting thick plexiglass. Although the cutting of plexiglass does not have to use coolant, but after using the coolant, the cutting process will indeed be much smoother. Put a few drops of detergent in the clean water, and then pour it into a watering can that can spray mist-like drops of water. Spray the coolant on the saw blade. The coolant does not need to be sprayed too much, and if it is to cut small pieces of plexiglass, it is not necessary to use the coolant. 6. Adjust the circular saw to a suitable speed. The ideal rotation speed for cutting Plexiglas should be 3,450rpm (revolutions per minute). The feed rate of the material (ie, plexiglass) should be 10 cm/sec. In short, the speed of the circular saw should be as stable as possible to avoid chipping. 7. Smooth the burrs. Use a power saw, a water-absorbent grinder, or an electric drill equipped with a shock absorber to polish the cut edges.

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