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How to correctly choose and buy sunshine board

by:UNQ     2020-10-24
771, the new material new sunshine board is pervious to light, impact resistant, light weight, flame retardant, sound insulation, weather resistance and other advantages, if you don't use new material production sunshine board, and use recycle material or plates of unknown origin of raw materials production, so the quality of the sunshine board will be affected, and the application of such a plank building greenhouses also cannot be used for a long time. 2, did the layer, the temperature difference between inside and outside of greenhouses will lead to the water vapor condensation in the greenhouse jingse, formation of small droplets, reduce the sunlight transmission rate, small droplets are further condensation, time grows, can cause a disease in greenhouse plants. Therefore shouguang jiuhe agriculture recommends, build greenhouses, please use did sun shield plate. Its principle is drip-proof, prevent did sun plate at the bottom of the droplets layer make the moisture in the air on the plank even condenses into water droplets, along the inclined plane ( The direction of the plate reinforced rib) Slide to the edge, not dripping directly, so as to achieve the effect of droplets. 3, UV radiation protection layer: as we all know if there is no radiation protection layer, the sun's ultraviolet radiation can destroy the plank, leading to polycarbonate sheet etiolation, weathering. UV radiation protection layer can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation damage, with the sun's ultraviolet UV layer calculation of 5 micron, each year the sun plate surface if 50 microns UV layer co-extrusion, ensures that the polycarbonate sheet using 10 years, or even not become yellow. So the selection of sunlight with radiation protection layer plate is very important.
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