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How to control the sunlight plate on the loss in living in adornment?

by:UNQ     2020-10-22
1127 sun plate used in architectural decoration is becoming more common, in order to reduce unnecessary waste, reduce the cost of consumed, need to control in the process of the use of the polycarbonate sheet loss, especially to cut it. In what ways, if any, so that the purpose of the implementation? First of all, in the sunshine board installed in the process of reducing losses, it needs to be more careful, lest because of a temporary failure cause plank of scrap. Only as much as possible to ensure the integrity of the sunshine board, can reduce unnecessary waste. Second, reduce the loss in the machining process, sun panels are normally after some processing is needed to meet the requirements of practical use, so this also need to control in the process of wear and tear. commonly used processing methods mainly have three kinds, respectively is hanging method, the method of blowing and lead, so the machining process, must pay attention to the film thickness uniformity; Huff, traction is reasonable; Surrounding the gap width, the width of the suit, and so on. Finally, in use process reduce the loss, it is a good thing not maintenance will be scrapped in advance. is the same, so during its use must pay attention to the maintenance and repair, regularly carries on the necessary maintenance measures, prolong the service life of plank of as much as possible. are applied to all walks of life, especially in the decoration industry, application is very obvious. By this way can let everybody in use process can reduce waste, reduce the unnecessary loss.
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