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How to control the color endurance plate color?

by:UNQ     2020-11-25
2032 endurance plate not only variety, the color is much more special, for endurance plate to the color, the most headache should be off color problem. Due to different manufacturers for endurance plate color is different, so how many there will be some color difference exists, and also points out the regulations, it must be within the scope of the color difference is allowed. Endurance plate to control the brightness of the photo, you have to begin from equipment and the production process, not only need to adopt the comprehensive materials for production, also have the corresponding production equipment, to reduce the happening of the color difference. For those that according to the customer provide sample pieces to produce color endurance plate, the key is to find out the sample piece of reagent ratio. This will involve the issue of the cost of production in the process, because in time the input of proofing proofing fee also many, but at least can ensure color endurance plate has excellent quality.
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