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How to control the color difference of the color endurance board?

by:UNQ     2021-05-24

There are not only many types of endurance boards, but also many colors. For colored endurance boards, the biggest headache should be the problem of color difference. Since different manufacturers have different color combinations for endurance boards, there will be some color differences, and the relevant regulations also point out that a certain range of color differences are allowed.

To control the chromatic aberration of the endurance board, we still have to start with the equipment and production process. Not only must we use comprehensive materials for production, but also have corresponding Production equipment, so as to reduce the occurrence of chromatic aberration. For those cases where the color endurance board is produced according to the sample provided by the customer, the key is to find out the toner ratio of the sample.

This process will involve the issue of production cost, because the proofing cost is also a lot when the proofing is carried out, but at least it can ensure the high-quality quality of the color endurance board.

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