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How to clean dirty plexiglass products?

by:UNQ     2021-03-22
One of the advantages of plexiglass products is that it is green and environmentally friendly, and it is safer and more durable than ordinary glass and plastic. Therefore, the market development in recent years is also very promising. Plexiglass materials are usually more widely used in industries such as hotels, exhibitions, home furnishings, automobiles, medical care, chemicals, building materials, sanitary ware, and advertising signs. The universal application of plexiglass has made a large number of plexiglass products appear on the market (such as: plexiglass display racks, gift boxes, signs, sign racks, jewelry boxes, furniture, fish tanks, plexiglass crafts, etc.). What comes from is a variety of problems in use, such as how to clean plexiglass products after they are dirty?

1. Remember not to wipe with a rough cloth. After a long period of time, there will be scratches and fog. Use a cotton or velvet cloth to moisten toothpaste and polish it patiently, and then rinse with water , So it will become brighter and brighter. 2. If only the surface is dirty, you can rinse it with water before wiping. 3. If it is a little professional, it can be wiped with white electric oil. 4. If the plexiglass product has scratches, it must be polished with a professional polishing machine.

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