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How to clean and use plexiglass processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-31

  Plexiglass processing is safer than ordinary glass and plastic. One of the advantages of Plexiglass products is environmental protection. More durable, so the market development in recent years is also very promising. Plexiglass materials are usually more widely used in industries such as hotels, exhibitions, home furnishings, automobiles, medical care, chemicals, building materials, sanitary ware, and advertising signs. The widespread application of plexiglass has made a large number of plexiglass products appear on the market (such as: plexiglass display racks, gift boxes, signs, sign racks, jewelry boxes, furniture, fish tanks, plexiglass crafts, etc.). What comes is a variety of problems in use, such as how to clean the plexiglass products after they are dirty? Today I also visited a plexiglass processing factory in Dongguan—Dongguan Jiaerqi Organic Glass Products Co., Ltd. The following are some tips from a senior master of Jiaerqi. 1 Remember not to wipe with a rough cloth. After a long period of time, there will be scratches and fog. You should use cotton or velvet cloth to moisten it. Some toothpaste is polished patiently, and then rinsed with water, so that it will become brighter and brighter.

  Plexiglass processing, if only the surface is dirty, you can rinse it with water and then wipe it. 3 If it is a little professional, you can use white electric oil to wipe. 4 If the plexiglass products are scratched, use a professional polishing machine to polish the plexiglass. The processing hardness is one of the parameters that best reflects the production process and technology of the cast acrylic sheet, and it is important in quality control. One ring. The hardness can reflect the purity of the raw material MMA, the weather resistance of the sheet and the high temperature resistance. The hardness directly affects whether the plate will shrink and bend, and whether the surface will crack during processing. Hardness is one of the rigid indicators for judging the quality of acrylic sheets. Thickness tolerance: The control of thickness tolerance of plexiglass processing sheet is an important manifestation of quality management and production technology. The thickness tolerance of the imported acrylic pouring sheet is controlled within +0.2mm. 3. Transparency/Whiteness: Strict raw material selection, advanced formula follow-up and modern production technology to ensure the excellent transparency and pure whiteness of the board. Crystal clear after flame polishing.

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