How to choose the thickness of polycarbonate hollow sheets?

What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing polycarbonate hollow panels? How to accurately choose the polycarbonate hollow panels with the right thickness? These should be selected according to the actual application of the sheet.

Sky lighting

skylight roofing
Modern plastic canopy with metal beam on the building.

Impact strength and light transmittance are important indicators of polycarbonate multiwall sheets for daylighting, which can be selected according to the size of the application site.

If it is used on the ceiling of a large stadium, a five-wall polycarbonate panel with a thickness of 40 mm or a triple-wall polycarbonate panel with a thickness of 16 mm and 25 mm can be used. The light transmittance of these three transparent colors are 38%, 70% and 49% respectively, which can be selected according to actual needs, and can transmit light without overexposure.    

The X-structure/honeycomb structure polycarbonate sheet optimizes the load-bearing capacity, which can not only resist the attacks of hail, snow pressure and typhoon but also better protect the safety of people in the venue. Therefore, if your project is built in an environment with poor geographical conditions, these two structures of polycarbonate hollow panels can save your budget as a whole.

Swimming pool, hot spring hotel

swimming pool

When used in high-humidity places such as swimming pools and hot spring hotels, sheets with anti-fog effects can be selected, and 16mm anti-fog three-wall polycarbonate panels are suitable. The heat transfer coefficient of this product is as low as 2.4W/m2/degree, which is enough to isolate the swimming pool from the heat or cold of the outside world. It also saves energy consumption for cooling and heating, and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In addition, the light transmittance of this product can reach 74%. Guided by the water mist on the anti-fog film, the swimming pool can remain bright for a long time. The anti-ultraviolet effect can also maintain and extend the life of the board, and at the same time isolate the human skin from ultraviolet rays, so you can swim with peace of mind.

When it is applied to a small area of the sky in a personal home, various anti-infrared rays can be selected. The anti-infrared effect can shorten the time to stabilize the room to normal temperature. In the hot summer, anti-infrared insulation can let most of the sun’s visible light penetrate into the room, while blocking the sun’s infrared light. Ensure sufficient light while maintaining low temperature in the room, saving energy consumption for temperature control. In the cold winter, anti-infrared heat insulation can reduce indoor infrared radiation, reduce indoor heat loss, keep the interior of the greenhouse or building warm, reduce heating energy consumption, and achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

Interior partition

 Interior decoration

When it is applied to interior decoration, the main considerations are appearance, sound insulation and impact strength. The choice of 8mm polycarbonate double-wall sheet is enough to meet all requirements. This product is available in regular colors such as clear, brown, milky white, grass green, and lake blue. If you need a special color, you can also customize them to meet the charming appearance; secondly, its sound insulation effect can reach 17db, which is higher than that of glass and acrylic of the same thickness; in terms of impact strength, it is 250 times that of glass and 20 times that of tempered glass times, better than other boards.


In general, the thickness selection of polycarbonate sheet depends on your actual application scenario, budget and other factors. As a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets in China, Unique will provide you with the most suitable sheet solutions and competitive prices.



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