How to Choose the Polycarbonate Panels for Greenhouse?

Polycarbonate sheets are the most popular choice for greenhouses nowadays. It has many benefits including light-diffusing, thermal insulation, lightweight, strong, and resistant hailstone. Before you start the polycarbonate roof greenhouse, you need to learn some basic knowledge about polycarbonate sheets, choosing the optimum thickness, color, and types for your greenhouse. The article brings you to explore the features of polycarbonate sheets.

Structure of Polycarbonate sheet

Twinwall and multiwall polycarbonate sheets are widely used for greenhouse roofs. Twinwall polycarbonate also named double wall polycarbonate sheets, it is lightweight and easy to install. Multiwall polycarbonate includes triple-wall, four-wall, or honeycomb polycarbonate panels structure. Compared with twin wall polycarbonate, multiwall polycarbonate has higher load-bearing and higher thermal insulation. When you choose, the local climate plays an important role, multiwall polycarbonate resists heavy snow and keeps warm in winter if you live in Canada. But, twin-wall polycarbonate sheet has higher light transmission. If you live in southeast Asian countries, there is no heavy snow in local. So the twin wall polycarbonate is the best choice for you.

Width and thickness of Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet

It is also important to consider the width and thickness of the greenhouse polycarbonate sheet. The common width range from 2ft to 3.28ft. You can cut to size freely according to the greenhouse aluminum skeleton span. 8mm double wall polycarbonate roof is most commonly used for greenhouse cover.

The standard size of a twin-wall polycarbonate sheet is 1.22m or 2.1mm in width and the max length is 6mm. We offer the service to cut to size for the greenhouse

Clear Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet

Enough sunlight plays an important role in the growth of polycarbonate sheets. So the clear polycarbonate is good for greenhouse cover. The light transmission of clear polycarbonate is about 75%-82%. It brings a good level of diffused light into the greenhouse. What’s more, the surface of the polycarbonate sheet is UV-protected preventing 99.9% UV rays.

Anti-fogging Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels

Most polycarbonate sheets are attached to the water droplet when there is a huge temperature gap between the internal and external. The water droplet will increase the disease of plants and reduce light transmission. To solve this problem, we develop anti-condensation polycarbonate sheets. It helps prevent water drop dripping directly from the top roof, so it can protect the plants won’t be hurt.

Ensure UV-protected

Polycarbonate sheets are acutally thermoplastic panels, destroyed by UV rays after a long time of exposure to sunlight. So the UV-protection is essential for polycarbonate sheet greenhouse. 50um UV protection on the surface prevents 99.9% of UV rays. It can prolong the lifespan of polycarbonate sheets, if without, the polycarbonate sheets will brittle and yellow in less than 2-3years. Choose the UV-protected polycarbonate sheet for the greenhouse.

Lifespan of Polycarbonate Panels Greenhouse

Replacing the greenhouse cover is a huge task. The plastic film greenhouse needs to be replaced in 1-2 years’ time. Compared with plastic film greenhouse, polycarbonate greenhouse covers don’t need to be replaced frequently. The polycarbonate sheet greenhouse use 100% Sabic or Lexan raw material. It has a long warranty period of at least 10 years. And no maintenance.

How to get Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels?

Polycarbonate panels have obvious advantages for a greenhouse, are 200 times stronger than glass, are lightweight, have high light transmission, are UV-protected, and are easy to install.

We are a polycarbonate greenhouse panels manufacturer in China, exporting to 85+ countries. Many customers choose polycarbonate greenhouse plastic used for strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, or hemp planting. We use Lexan polycarbonate sheets to ensure quality. We offer the drawing design of a polycarbonate greenhouse to help you design. If you are starting an agriculture greenhouse, please feel free to contact us to get more information!



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