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How to choose materials for plexiglass product processing?

by:UNQ     2021-04-05
Plexiglass products are often used to make handicrafts, display racks, hotel room supplies, light box signs, building decoration, furniture products, sanitary ware because of their environmental protection, high light transmittance, beautiful appearance, easy processing, etc. And other products, taking the plexiglass cosmetic display stand as an example, the plexiglass processing factory will explain the production process of plexiglass products with you. In the selection of processing materials for plexiglass products, you should first ask the customer's requirements. For example, if the customer is more professional, specify the use of a certain brand of material to produce plexiglass products, then there is nothing to say, just follow the customer's requirements; but not all Customers are so professional, and some customers do not know much about the material of plexiglass, so the plexiglass processing manufacturer needs to help customers choose materials from a professional perspective.

Before choosing materials, you should analyze customer needs. For example, some customers have higher requirements for products, such as custom-made high-transparency plexiglass crafts, then use imported plexiglass materials; some customers compare Pay attention to cost performance, such as custom-made plexiglass display racks, generally use joint venture panels; some customers are more price-sensitive, and the product does not require high quality of raw materials, they can only use domestic plexiglass. Of course, customer needs are only one aspect. The use environment and material characteristics of plexiglass products should also be considered. For example: outdoor advertising sign light boxes must use imported plexiglass due to the wind and sun all the year round, otherwise it will take a long time. Easy to turn yellow; high-rise building doors and windows must be made of plexiglass panels with high fire and flame retardant grades.

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