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How to choose a saw blade correctly for plexiglass processing

by:UNQ     2021-04-04

  Plexiglass processing is the colorless and transparent plexiglass material that is most used in life. Plexiglass processing is generally colored and transparent plexiglass suitable for light boxes and handicrafts, so the processed products look modern and generous. According to the fiber characteristics of plexiglass, there is no burst or knife mark during the sawing process, and the surface is smooth; you need to choose a special alloy saw blade for plexiglass for cutting. Plexiglass is easy to process, can be produced in large quantities, and has low cost. Its application is becoming more and more extensive. At present, it is widely used in instrument and meter parts, automobile lights, optical lenses, transparent pipes and so on.

The design angle of    alloy saw blades is different for cutting materials. Aiming at the fragile characteristics of plexiglass, the saw blade must use left and right flat teeth in the cutting process. It is light, fast and precise, extremely sharp, and brings long-term cutting results. The basic data is the number of spindle revolutions of the equipment, plus the thickness of the material and the outer diameter and hole size of the tool.

   plexiglass processing is a kind of material mixed with pearl powder in plexiglass. The color of this plexiglass is very bright, and the appearance looks relatively smooth and organic After glass processing, models of humans and animals can be made, as well as some items that need to be exhibited.

   plexiglass processing can also be used to make crafts. The craftsmanship requirements for a beautiful handicraft are very strict, and the shape, color and variety of plexiglass processing have to go through many trials and tests. After the best effect is achieved, precision processing is carried out, and a perfect handicraft is born.

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