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How to choose a high-quality PC endurance board?

by:UNQ     2021-04-04
Nowadays, we can see that glass products are gradually being replaced by PC endurance board in daily life. So what kind of material is PC endurance board? PC endurance board is a high-performance plastic-polycarbonate. Also known as solid board, it has good impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, UV protection, daylighting and other characteristics. It is also called transparent plastic. At present, we can often see the construction of endurance boards, but we can also see many yellow and impurity endurance boards. This phenomenon has caused a lot of headaches for many people. Therefore, the choice is very important. Let us simply Introduce how to choose a high-quality endurance board

1. When choosing an endurance board, you must look at whether the endurance board is flat and whether there are bubbles or particles. If there are a lot of bubbles or particles, it means that the endurance board material is not very good, and it is possible that the raw materials produced are produced from recycled materials. On the contrary, it means that it is made of high-quality raw materials. 2. Squeeze the endurance board by hand. Then the specific gravity of the endurance board is sufficient, and the strength is natural. On the contrary, it is lighter and less strong. 3. Is the protective film regular? 4. Observe whether there is a trademark on the brand, and the quality assurance certificate on the plastic film of the endurance board is vague. 5. When the whole endurance board is rolled into a cylinder for 6 hours, it is turned over and there is a very significant corrugated deformation, indicating that the endurance board is produced from industrial waste or contains a lot of PVC. 6. Check the packaging of the endurance board, whether it is clean, and whether it has fallen. 7. Check if the color of the endurance board is uniform. 8. The endurance board will turn yellow or crack in 4 months under cool sun exposure. 9. The endurance board is bent horizontally and breaks easily.

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