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How to avoid loss during the processing of plexiglass

by:UNQ     2021-03-26
There will be losses during the processing of plexiglass, to avoid reducing the loss of large quantities. If you want to reduce the loss, you must pay attention to the details. After the plexiglass is glued in the big country, do not lend it directly to the edge. If the wind blows quickly, It dries quickly, but it will turn white due to rapid volatilization.

The acrylic glue adhesive cannot be oxidized for a long time before it is cured. If it is irradiated for a long time, the bonding surface will turn yellow, which will affect the aesthetics of the product after mailing, so mail it Before using PULI products, wait for the adhesive to cure. When the plexiglass is bonded, because the glue has strong corrosiveness, if it drops on the surface, it will leave traces that are difficult to eliminate. So use something to protect the areas that do not need to be glued.

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