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How thick is ceiling made by endurance plate?

by:UNQ     2020-11-19
1934 endurance plate can be used to make all kinds of products, this is because the board has the characteristics of other materials have no stamina, unanimously recognized by users. Whether residential or shopping malls, the roof of the underground usually you seen, the most endurance plate is made of. So you know what is made of thick plate stamina? Endurance plate wind resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, filter ultraviolet features, generally made of it, the product maintenance in service life can be more than a decade, endurance plate ceiling. But endurance plate also has a regret, it is more expensive, and the thicker the endurance plate prices tend to be more expensive. As a result, the user choice, don't blind people more thick is more good. Typically, endurance plate ceiling is 5. 5 mm endurance plate, and on the surface with a layer of uv protection of co-extrusion layer, so that even the long-term sun exposure, also won't produce yellow, atomization, pervious to light as well as the poor phenomenon.
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