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How should correctly installed sunshine board

by:UNQ     2020-11-13
2111. Check the skeleton: smooth and clean before installation must ensure that the skeleton; 2. Check thermal expansion amount reserved hole: first check sheet cutting size and reserve a quantity to whether qualified, pay special attention to set aside enough uniform expansion clearance, computation formula is as follows: the total coefficient of expansion gap = * plate length, large temperature difference before and after the local installation expansion coefficient for 7. 0 * 10 - 5毫米/毫米。 K3. Plate heat bilges cold shrink coefficient and different supporting frame, and need leave allowance to withstand wind pressure, snow pressure, etc. , therefore embedding quantity to set aside sufficient, and the space heat bilges cold shrink. Generally more than 25 mm plate edge into a fixed frame, and at least two reinforced rib installation fixed area; Heat bilges cold shrink per meter with 3 mm gap; 4. To recognize plate surface uv protection, and put the outward-facing installed, usually sunshine plate protective film with a picture of the printing on one side of chaoyang, must not allow itself to install the uv one side; 5. When installing a plate, plate covered by protective film will affect the combination of joint sealant and plank, so off the protective film around the plate before installation of 5 - 10 cm, don't let the profile in protective film, but also do not have too much, so as to avoid damage due to operating panel; Note: some workers operating the protective film in the profile, then cross with a sharp tool to have, but often scratch board face sheet and cause damage; 6. Under the condition of hollow plate cold bending installation, thickness of the board of the bending radius should not be less than 175 times; 7. Hollow plank can only bend in the ribbed reinforcement direction; 8. Like to be on board, fixed tapping directly from drill nail should be expanding, all the hole diameter should be greater than the bolt diameter, set aside the heat bilges cold shrink clearance; In opening aperture when the material should be 50% larger than the diameter of a screw, the bending part to avoid the lock screw, lest cause crack plate; 9. Hollow plate tilt direction of installation should be along the rib reinforcement, is advantageous to the condensate export; 10. The strength should be uniform when self tapping screw, ensure molding real compaction sealing strip and plate; 11. All pore filling should be neutral sealant, and exposed portion in neutral sealant adhesive coating to prevent detergent into the edge, to prevent delay crack; When installation defect found at the site of the possible leakage may be sealing glue to make up for. Choose should choose after curing sealant remains soft, low modulus, elongation rate is more than 50% of the neutral weather resistance silicone rubber, glue before you must see to it that the surface of the aluminum and plate clean, dry and do no oil pollution, dust, vapor, dew and other sundry, sizing wants even, sub smooth surface, section size is consistent and continuous not a phenomenon; Must pay special attention to is the use of neutral sealant must do compatibility test, with sheet in advance to avoid react with plate; 12. The center of the hole to plate edge spacing should be greater than or equal to 5 cm; 13. Sun plate plate installation foot board face are strictly prohibited during the whole process, operation must use of portable pedal across the board; 14. Sun plate cutting length must be greater than the width to bend; 15. Plate installed immediately remove the protective film, such as special requirements for construction protection panel, also must first remove the protective film, then covered again; 16. Plate installed should be self-checking, especially to do spray test, check leakage, if there is any leakage hidden trouble should be promptly eliminate, then check the appearance quality
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