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How much is the PC anti-static board?

by:UNQ     2021-03-12

  A non-amorphous thermoplastic used in PC anti-static board, and after special treatment, it has good anti-static performance in addition to good heat resistance and transparency, so Many sophisticated products can be used as materials.

   The price of the PC anti-static board is based on the thickness of the PC sheets, and the price is also different. PC boards are widely used in the construction of clean room plants (semiconductor, LCD, electronics, optics and medicine, etc.), the shielding of clean room equipment, the separation of clean room spaces, clean equipment, observation windows and equipment covers, electronic test fixtures, etc.

  pc anti-static board is a colorless and transparent amorphous thermoplastic material. Common anti-static PC boards on the market are usually surface anti-static, that is, an anti-static hard film is formed on the surface of ordinary PC boards through coating technology, which perfectly retains the inherent physical characteristics of the substrate. At the same time, it has an excellent function of eliminating static electricity. When the surface resistance value is 10 to the 8th power of 10 ohms, it is the best state of anti-static function, which can effectively prevent the accumulation of dust and avoid the harm caused by static electricity to meet the high The special needs of the industry in the age of technology.

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