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How much is a square of polycarbonate sheet

by:UNQ     2021-03-19

The price of    polycarbonate board mainly depends on what material is used and where it is used, mainly because the polycarbonate daylighting board has solid and hollow points. The following two different prices will be introduced in detail for you.

   how much is a square of polycarbonate solar panel

   polycarbonate solar panel is also hollow, taking 6mm as an example, the price per square meter is 17 Between yuan-25 yuan. The price of 6mm solid endurance board is between 100 yuan and 130 yuan per square meter.

  How much is a square of polycarbonate sheet canopy?

   This mainly depends on the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet and the square of the area of u200bu200bthe canopy. Generally choose 3-4 mm or so, and the cost is about 100 yuan per square meter.

Quotation of    polycarbonate sheet:

   It is recommended to directly consult the manufacturer by telephone. For example, the technician understands the specific needs of the customer, recommends suitable specifications and sizes, and gives an accurate quotation.

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