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How much do you know about the two major characteristics of plastic board products?

by:UNQ     2021-03-30
Most plastics are light in weight, chemically stable, and will not rust; good impact resistance; have good transparency and wear resistance; good insulation, low thermal conductivity; general formability, good coloring, and low processing cost ; Most plastics have poor heat resistance, high thermal expansion rate, and easy to burn; poor dimensional stability and easy to deform; most plastics have poor low temperature resistance and become brittle at low temperatures; easy to age; ⑩ some plastics are easily soluble in solvents. Plastics can be divided into two types: thermosetting and thermoplastic. The former cannot be reshaped and used, and the latter can be repeatedly produced. There are basically two types of plastic polymer structures: the first is a linear structure, and a polymer compound with this structure is called a linear polymer compound; the second is a body structure, a polymer compound with this structure It is called a body type polymer compound. Some macromolecules are branched, called branched macromolecules, which belong to the linear structure. Although some polymers have cross-links between molecules, they are less cross-linked, which is called a network structure and belongs to a body structure. Chemical resistance and gloss, partly transparent or translucent, most of them are good insulators, light weight and strong, easy to process and can be mass-produced, cheap, versatile, useful, easy to color, some high-temperature storage goods can play a moisture-proof effect

Plastics are also divided into general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics, which are mainly defined by their versatility. For example, PE and PP are cheap and can be produced on many different types of machines. Engineering plastics are more expensive, but their raw material stability and physical properties are much better. Generally speaking, they have both rigidity and toughness. PVC transparent plastic board: a high-strength, high-transparent plastic board produced by introducing advanced foreign technology and using high-grade imported raw and auxiliary materials. The colors of the products are white, jewel blue, brown, brown and many other varieties. Thickness: 2mm-20mm. 1220mmx2440mm 1300mmx2000mm The surface of the product is attached with a double-sided transparent mold. Performance characteristics: The product has high strength, high transparency, good weather resistance, non-toxic, hygienic, and physical properties better than plexiglass. Uses: This product is widely used in equipment guards, instrument housings, interiors, drinking water tanks, liquid level displays, etc. Two different structures show two opposite properties. Linear structure (including branched structure) polymers are elastic and plastic due to the existence of independent molecules, can be dissolved in solvents, can be melted by heating, and have low hardness and brittleness. Because there are no independent macromolecules in the body structure polymer, it has no elasticity and plasticity, cannot dissolve and melt, can only swell, and has greater hardness and brittleness. Plastics have two types of macromolecules. Those made of linear polymers are thermoplastics, and those made of body-shaped polymers are thermoset plastics.

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