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How endurance plate thickness by measuring the know?

by:UNQ     2020-11-21
1774 endurance plate and other plates in the market, sales also are in millimeters, and as of the specifications of the material. User if this part to do not add value, easy be cheated in the process of buying, it is hard to find because only a fraction of mm differ. It seems not correct endurance plate thickness measurement is very important. At the time of endurance plate thickness measurement, must be prepared to professional measurement tools, is by far the most common use of measuring tool vernier caliper or tape measure. In addition to the tools, operation specification, first before measuring endurance plate, wants to remove the protective film on the surface of the plate and dispatch vernier caliper to zero calibration position; Then in a horizontal position advance caliper ball stuck endurance plate, measured by the Numbers. In the same way to measure the four angles of endurance board, average of figures, although this may be related to the purchase of plate thickness error, but as long as keep in allowed range are normal.
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