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How can we judge the quality of plexiglass products

by:UNQ     2021-03-13
There are many plexiglass products processing plants in China, but there are very few large-scale specialized manufacturers. Therefore, many plexiglass products in the market are originally processed by corner waste. Then, when buying, how do we? How to detect the quality of the plexiglass product? The first is the light transmittance detection method: good plexiglass products are made of high-grade plexiglass plates, and the light that this kind of finished products emits under the light is very high. Pure white, not yellow or blue, of course, the light should be white, and the light transmittance is also different;

The second method is the thickness detection method: I just said that the high-quality products are the best choice of high-end raw materials. Usually the thickness of the high-quality plexiglass finished plate is sufficient thickness. On the contrary, the thickness is not as good as the raw materials are good and cut corners, which is the so-called partner plate; the third is the fire detection method: of course you When purchasing, usually the seller will not let you do this. The quality of the plates used for good plexiglass products is not flammable, so you can buy it and try it! In addition to the three judgment methods explained above, there are still There are many other simple ways, and you are welcome to ask Guangxi Tianzhi Craftsmen to be familiar with it. Many merchants in the shopping mall use other raw materials to counterfeit plexiglass raw materials. Lost the original color and luster. Therefore, when purchasing the finished plexiglass, you must keep your eyes open and watch it carefully. I hope you use your own fire-eyed gold star to choose the material you want.

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