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How can the radian bending ChengXiang sunshine

by:UNQ     2020-09-30
3334 places in the radian of the polycarbonate sheet also puts forward the high requirements, but you know how the polycarbonate roofing sheets bending together? It is the most can turn into a what kind? These problems are the small make up for you to answer them. Actually sunlight board itself is flat, without any waves and radian, raw materials is more special, but because of the sunshine board that is polycarbonate material quite excellent willfulness, to different degrees of bend. So the plate bending into certain radian is simpler in, as long as when installed along the radian of skeleton lay good and fixed. Someone has done the experiment, sunshine plate bending, to truly level greatly, but there is a limit, roll up general sun plate circle radius should not exceed 175 times of sunshine plate plate thickness. The minimum bending radius that is to say, the polycarbonate sheet thickness is 175 times, so it is easier to understand. Using polycarbonate roofing sheets this performance, the suitability of the product is more powerful, it was not on the glass.
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