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How can the PC board cutting process not be damaged?

by:UNQ     2021-03-20

  1  Under normal circumstances, the scale of conventionally produced solar panels is 2.1*6m, but because the scale of solar panels can be customized according to the special needs of customers, the scales are different, and the styles presented are different. For the sake of beauty, it is also In order to save costs, it is extremely important to carry out the correct PC sun board processing-cutting.

  2. The vertical and horizontal direction of the plate as far as possible to let the longitudinal direction is longer than the horizontal dimension, and the horizontal direction of the plate is not allowed to bend.

  3. It is necessary to draw lines on the scale of the finished product before cutting, so that the cut out polycarbonate sheet will be more accurate and beautiful.

  4. It is necessary to use a dry air compressor to blow out the sun board grooves when cutting. The sawdust can be cut and emitted towards the air. Keep the sun board clean and tidy.

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