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How about the flame retardant performance of PC board?

by:UNQ     2021-03-20

  The flame-retardant properties of PC sheets

  PC board is flame-retardant. Sunshine board/endurance board is mainly made of PC/PET/PMMA/PP material, referred to as hollow board, and PC board is produced with polycarbonate as the main raw material. Sunlight boards/endurance boards quickly entered architectural decoration materials in the mid-1980s.

   resistance to burning: it is flame retardant B1 level tested by the national GB8624-97. No fire drops, no poisonous gas.

   resistant to temperature: in the temperature range of -40 oC to +120 oC, it will not cause quality deterioration such as deformation.

   sound insulation: good sound insulation effect, it is the preferred material for highway noise barriers in the world.

   Weather resistance: artificial weathering test 5000 hours, yellowing degree of 1, light transmittance The reduction value is only 0.4%

   Impact resistance: The impact strength of PC endurance board is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 20-30 times that of acrylic board, and 2 times that of tempered glass.

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