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How about PC endurance plate material is meet the requirements?

by:UNQ     2020-11-15
1700 when PC endurance plate in various civil, public and industrial applications, mainly as a interior decoration and lighting, so in some areas, billboards, garden and so on everywhere P endurance plate. So what kind of material is meet the requirements? At the time of installation of the PC endurance plate need to use the corresponding sealing material, the material belongs to the viscous material, so it such as sealant seal material will not harm the PC endurance plate. At the same time, as its sealing tape should have good tear resistance. In order to meet the requirements of the construction of model change, the need for drilling, cutting, PC endurance plate empty board general sharp blade is ok; In general can be twist drill hole, but you should drill holes, step and then expanded to the required diameter. The size of the hole away from the plate edge should be not less than 40 mm, all the hole diameter should be greater than the bolt diameter, heat bilges cold shrink to fit the board. In addition, for PC endurance plate selection of adhesive should be able to mutations in cold and hot temperature and high temperature conditions can keep the viscosity for a long time; Sealed with good weather resistance, and long time don't lose viscosity and mechanical strength; Board the seal shall be to the water, air and dust are deeply however. If if there is a bug in the PC endurance plate, dust, humidity, or other material, construction open at both ends of the sealing process is very important, directly determines the beautiful sex of plank, insulating, transparency, stays at the same time also will affect the use of the plate during the late effect and service life.
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