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How about anti-static pc board

by:UNQ     2021-03-25

  Antistatic PC sheets Endurance board is a transparent thermoplastic material made of polycarbonate as the base material and processed by a special process. And the advanced coating technology is used on the surface of the PC endurance board, this kind of coating is the anti-static electric hard film layer. On the basis of fully retaining the inherent physical properties of the substrate, it also has antistatic effects that some ordinary PC boards do not have. Under normal circumstances, if the surface resistance of the PC endurance board is 6 to 8 times that of the ordinary, it is in a state of good anti-static performance, which can effectively prevent the accumulation of dust and avoid the possible harm caused by static electricity, thereby meeting the special characteristics of the high-tech industry. need.

  The test results show that the antistatic pc endurance board can guarantee the antistatic performance well under -40~-130℃ and humid conditions, and its dielectric loss tangent and dielectric constant are 10~130 The change between °C is close to a constant. The effect of antistatic PC endurance board mainly depends on the volume resistivity and whether the breakdown voltage strength is too strong. Compared with polyester film, these two materials are similar and are suitable for general manufacturing of electrical components. Industry, as well as common capacitors and electrical equipment.

   processing and production technology is not complicated, so many companies can imitate production, but few companies can develop production technology. With the increasing requirements of the industry for products, processes or products such as clean production, energy saving, environmental protection, circular economy, high performance, etc. will become new growth points for the development of the industry. Only by independently transforming into a base Ru0026D company can coating companies remain invincible. place. Enterprise competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and many companies are striving to develop into new high-tech companies. Only by truly mastering technology research and development methods can they be prepared for the formation of new market competitiveness in the future. Mainly used outdoors, due to environmental pollution, the cleaning day of the sun panel is extremely important. It is advisable to use warm water, neutral soap, soft fabric or sponge for cleaning. Avoid using strong alkalis, isopropanol, ketones, halogenated alkanes, butyl fiber agents, brushes, and hard cloths to wipe the sun board surface. Outdoor solar panels are generally used on roofs and other high-rise buildings, which brings many difficulties to the cleaning of solar panels. Therefore, special cleaning agents for PC panels that can be cleaned by high-pressure water guns and can be washed will be welcomed by consumers. The transformation and upgrading of processing to the core direction of high efficiency, environmental protection, green and low carbon is already imminent. Enterprises need to make efforts and attempts in structural transformation and moving towards high-end.

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