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Hollow sun plate cleaning and maintenance standards

by:UNQ     2020-10-28
1399 hollow plate sunshine can keep a good state, as well as the ideal use effect, instead of regular cleaning and correct installation and maintenance are inseparable. You can imagine, if you have any error in the link, influence must be very big. So for hollow sun plate cleaning and maintenance should be strict operating guidelines, may not be illegal. In general, hollow polycarbonate sheet adopt the way of rain self-cleaning can meet the requirements, but also can with diluted with neutral detergent for cleaning, but must ensure that the cleaner contains no solvents, and in the right way to clean. For plate on the crude oil or tar stains, can clean with isopropyl alcohol; If it is to the top of large area lighting, can use professional water cannons to wash, and appropriate to join compatible neutral detergent. Installation or maintenance of hollow plate in the process of sunshine, be sure to keep in mind the plate is not suitable for a person under the weight of the concentrated load, it is best to use a ladder or non-slip pedal. At the same time, the board that don't stand in the middle of the purlin or daylighting framework, try to stand where there is support frame; Before all plate in place not fixed, don't careless, lest cause damage.
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