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Hollow plate sunshine feel softer quality is better?

by:UNQ     2020-11-01
Although 2047 is polycarbonate sheet, but there are differences between different types of products, such as hollow plate sunshine can feel the soft touch, so it is also as a measure of hollow plate quality stand or fall on the basis of sunshine. But why about hollow plate sunshine feel softer or not many people know, so you also need to be further reading. Sunlight hollow plate of hard and soft, in fact, is not the decisive factor of quality, its handle is soft, mainly because the sheet per square lighter in weight. So sometimes sunshine plate raw materials is better, but not enough weight per square meter, plate will be soft; Instead, such as raw material is bad, is the standard weight, feel is also not bad, but the sunshine board quality is not very good. Cause hollow plate sunshine feel soft factors and the temperature of the equipment in the process of production and process, that is to say, we are not a single measured with the hard and soft feel polycarbonate sheet quality, or to combine together, to judge the hollow board right amount is in line with the requirements of the sunshine.
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