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High light absorption rate of diffused PC board

by:UNQ     2021-03-17

  pc diffuser plate is suitable for side-source LED lighting fixtures. Usually used with the light guide plate, the haze is low, the light absorption rate is high, and the light transmittance is low, which can only reach about 50%. The new diffuser plate, according to the characteristics of the lamps on the market, especially the characteristics of LED flat lamps and down lamps, uses plastic plates as the base material, adopts advanced optical design and diffuser materials, and is processed by scientific formulas to make the light between the chemical particles and the resin from time to time. Refraction, reflection and scattering, the conservative diffuser is a means of frosting the surface of the data. The diffusion PC sheets can scientifically adjust the light propagation direction, so that the diffusion board product has high light transmittance and good light diffusion effect. The visual effect is high-grade and beautiful, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance are stable, UV resistance, good weather resistance, and smooth texture. The surface is frosted. The diffuser can be used for a long time below 80 degrees Celsius. It can be hot-bent and thermoplastic, and the diffusion plate is easy to process. No effect on material properties. Such as downlights, grille lights, high-grade aluminum lights. The diffuser is suitable for LED lighting fixtures with direct light sources.

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