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Hardening processing technology of pc endurance board after forming

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
The hardening process after the forming of the PC sheets After the forming of the PC sheets, the secondary production processing is carried out, and the hardening is mainly solved. Why add such a step connection? For what purpose? The key reason for the hardening of the pc endurance board is the insufficient surface hardness of the pc endurance board. The pc endurance board is easily scratched and scratched, which limits its application. Because the surface of the pc endurance board solves the technical development trend, the pc endurance board can harden for 2 hours. As everyone knows, it should be noted that not all high-quality pc endurance boards can be hardened. Acrylic board production and processing can show that hardened pc endurance boards have strict requirements for circuit boards. One of the important prerequisites is that before hardening, the surface of the pc endurance board must be free of integrated ic lines and wave patterns. The characteristics of pc endurance board: 1. Impact resistance Compressive strength: pc endurance board has excellent impact resistance, which is 250 times higher than traditional laminated glass and 30 times higher than acrylic board. The impact compressive strength of pc endurance board is called 'fully transparent thick steel plate'. 2. Good tensile strength, good temperature resistance of pc endurance board. Even at 120, the tensile strength can still reach 350 kcal/cm3. 3. Bending strength: PC sheets has excellent bending characteristics, even if the bending angle of view is 90 degrees, it will not break. 4. Relieve fatigue and creep resistance: Among the thermosetting plastics of Suzhou polycarbonate sheet, polycarbonate sheet has good creep resistance. Even at high temperatures, its creep is still small.
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