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The greenhouse uses low-weight pc hollow sheet, The harm is more than a little!

The greenhouse uses low-weight pc hollow sheet, The harm is more than a little!

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    Over the recent years, Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet greenhouse has developed rapidly, especially in the northern part of China, and is widely used. Compared with glass greenhouse, it has the advantages of light weight, low consumption of skeleton material, low cost, low shading rate of structural parts, long service life, and low production cost. Good benefits, strong environmental control ability and other characteristics. As the key covering material of the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet greenhouse, the quality of the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet will directly affect the overall quality of the greenhouse.

Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet Facades

The Standard for High Quality Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

    Good quality Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet , one must use good polycarbonate raw materials, such as Saber Foundation, Crestron, etc.; Second, do not add recycled materials, such as Disc material, etc.; thirdly, there should be a UV resistant co-extruded layer, and fourthly, it should be produced according to standard gram weight (mass per square meter). For the first three points, we will pay attention to the construction of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet greenhouse, but when it comes to gram weight is often not too much attention. Therefore, some manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, extrude some lower gram weight plate, this plate upper and lower walls and vertical rib thickness is thin, in the The use of this reduced-gram weight hollow Polycarbonate Sheet in greenhouse construction can cause considerable harm.

Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet Ceiling

Hazards of Low-Grade Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

Weak impact resistance

    After reducing the gram amount, as the thickness of the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet did not decline, the direct consequence is the lowering of the thickness of the upper and lower walls and vertical ribs, so that the impact of hollow Polycarbonate Sheet reduced capacity. For example, the standard upper wall thickness of a conventional 8mm double-wall hollow hollow Polycarbonate Sheet should be 400um, which can resist impact under normal conditions Yes: 10kg iron ball falls freely for 2m without being broken. The standard 8mm double layer and 10mm double layer panels can resist the impact of ordinary hailstones. But generally reduce the gram weight of the 8mm hollow Polycarbonate Sheet wall thickness of about 300um, the result is bound to be easy to hailstones through.


    If the lower gram weight of the hollow Polycarbonate Sheet wall thickness of the upper and lower to reach the standard, the thickness of the vertical ribs will certainly be reduced. The vertical rib mainly plays the role of support, if the thickness of the vertical rib does not reach the standard, then the ability of the hollow Polycarbonate Sheet to resist snow load will be reduced. Due to the excellent thermal insulation properties of the hollow Polycarbonate Sheet, the snow covered in its not easy to melt. In the case of high snow load, reduce the gram weight of the hollow Polycarbonate Sheet will be overwhelmed and fracture.

Station Aisle Polycarbonate Sheet Roof

Reduced heat insulation coefficient

    Non-standard Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet with reduced gram weights will not guarantee the accuracy of the insulation data from greenhouse experiments and will not guarantee their own service life. As a result, the thermal calculations on which the heating system is designed will not be accurate, leading to the blind investment of heating equipment and the loss of the entire greenhouse's Insulation capacity does not meet established requirements.

Polycarbonate Sheet Lighting Ceiling

    Currently, technical standards related to the greenhouse industry are published and implemented in China every year, which is important for the standardization of greenhouses and facility horticulture in China. The process has a huge role in promoting. Therefore, the majority of growers in the construction of the greenhouse, it is best to strictly follow the relevant standards, choose the gram of standard hollow Polycarbonate Sheet. Only in this way can we avoid the economic loss brought about by the inferior greenhouse and achieve the good effect of increasing growth and income.

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