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Gray endurance plate how different?

by:UNQ     2020-11-24
2039 general endurance plate is transparent, but sometimes in order to satisfy the user's special demand, will be made into colored endurance plate. Differences in color makes endurance plate performance also will have slightly different, the following will introduce the characteristics of gray endurance plate, as to distinguish the reference factors. Gray is a very common color, but for endurance plate, grey was given to its strong ability to adapt, whether it's a very low temperature or high temperature can normal use, and its performance is not affected by temperature. And grey endurance plate with zero, pervious to light quality, so the sun won't produce atomization phenomenon. In addition, the strength of the gray endurance plate is second to none, can withstand the impact of the larger practical application, make the products more durable. Through the above introduction, we understanding of grey endurance plate should be deeper.
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