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Future sunshine board characteristics and the use of it in the construction, greenhouse

by:UNQ     2020-10-09
1200 because of people's environmental protection consciousness enhancement, design and development of green environmental protection material or product is imperative, for sun plate products, parts reflects the security requirements in use process, but also have to meet the environmental standards in terms of production and recovery. Future polycarbonate roofing sheets products, therefore, must be based on environmental protection is given priority to, the materials must also be more inclined to nature, only the synthetic environmental protection material, can achieve itself does not contain harmful substances, and if not applicable, will not impact on the environment, and can be easily recycled. Products in real time, a lot of sunshine board has take into consideration of the aspects such as recycling and reuse, so design will minimize the volume of a product and dosage, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption. In addition, the designer will be designed to be easy to maintain, can again or repeated use, can partially replace the product. In addition to the above design principle, designers should also fully consider the reduce the cost of recycling, so try to avoid the use of different raw material compound, the purpose is to facilitate the classification of the sunshine board products later processing. With domestic construction industry escalation, polycarbonate sheet has been further expanded, the application scope of the material appearance has after uv treatment, so has good pervious to light, impact resistance, heat insulation, etc. ; Want to good performance, and effectively solve the other materials can't solve the problem of aging. Besides in construction industry, the sunshine board in the construction of agriculture in modern greenhouse also played a vital role, while glass, film, etc with more, but there are high energy consumption, poor ability to resist natural disasters, such as easy to cause pollution problems. Only sunshine board can as a substitute, and good to overcome the above problem, become the ideal choice.
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