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The Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet, often referred to as the “Frosted Plastic Sheet” or “Matte Polycarbonate Sheet”, serves as the ideal material choice for enhancing privacy and scratch resistance in both office and residential applications, particularly within the realm of print production. Moreover, it proves to be the supreme material option for a variety of interior design applications such as printed decor items, shower enclosures, carport roofing, partition walls in office spaces, and skylight canopies, primarily due to its unique privacy-ensuring, matte pattern that adeptly conceals objects on the reverse side.

For over 15 years, UNQ has proudly led the industry in China as the foremost manufacturer of frosted polycarbonate sheets. Leveraging partnerships with premier raw material suppliers such as Sabic, Covestro, and Makrolon, we deliver unparalleled quality frosted polycarbonate from 1.2mm to 10mm thick. Trusted across diverse fields including home decoration, automotive trim, office spaces, shopping malls, and picture frames, our products redefine versatility and reliability in every application.

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Frosted polycarbonate sheet is also called “Matte Polycarbonate sheet”.lt’s anothe redition of solid polycarbonate sheet covered by fine particles. Because of light scatteringduring transmission, the sheet comes out as translucent, obscuring visibility even as ittransmits light. which is the right material mainly to add privacy and scratch resistance inoffice/home applications. lt is also the best material alternative to curtains or blinds due tothe privacy matte patterns.

Main Benefits Of Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet

frosted polycarbonate sheet

Applications of Frosted Polycarbonate Sheets

Frosted polycarbonate sheets  are perfect for creating visually appealing yet functional spaces in buildings, such as office partitions, skylights, and architectural features that require a blend of privacy and natural light, such as skylight windows, closet doors in bedrooms, shower stalls in bathrooms,  partition in living rooms, doors or windows for hotels, medical offices, etc.

Specification Of Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet

Our Factory

UNQ, a premier factory in China, excels in producing top-tier multiwall, solid, and corrugated polycarbonate sheets, utilizing 100% imported raw materials from renowned suppliers like Bayer, Covestro, and Makrolon, across six advanced production lines, and a commitment to excellence with a 10-year warranty on all products.

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Inspire Creative Architecture with UNQ

UNQ is professional in polycarbonate production, cut, package and installation. Our team always helps you find the best solution.

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