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From which a few aspects to judge the quality of the sunshine board monofilament

by:UNQ     2020-10-29
2242 sunshine board is composed of monofilament, so it will be directly related to the quality of the polycarbonate sheet product quality and performance, so in the sunshine board monofilament, must strictly abide by the quality standards, in order to avoid the sunshine board affected by bad. Today the sun board manufacturers to talk about the sunshine board monofilament standards to qualify for what? From the appearance point of view, the standard monofilament sunshine board should be lubrication, soft, uniform color; Appearance doesn't have the impurity, air bubble, crack defects such as; Does not disorderly wire or not fdy mixed in it, thus affecting the entire monofilament sunshine board quality. In addition, if you have broken through after the knot to surround, and the interval between two beheaded made strict rules, can not less than five hundred meters. From the point of diameter, different materials of sunshine board monofilament thickness degrees to its demands are also different, this can be based on the actual to judge. Products from the point of view, the size can directly see the polycarbonate roofing sheets filament fineness, which usually want to get after precise measurement. According to the above several aspects to compare, can judge the sunshine board the superiority of monofilament.
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