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From the aspects such as type, color, specifications customized endurance plate in turn

by:UNQ     2020-11-14
1826 because endurance plate is a kind of advantage of plank, because this often is widely used in the booth, bus station, billboards, light box advertising public facilities such as production, in addition to this, even has endurance plate of military use. In order to guarantee the use effect, the endurance of plate on the market at present are based on the size of the installation and construction of the specific requirements to customize. Custom endurance plate, the first is to determine the endurance plate types, different types of its characteristics are also different, such as solid endurance plate surface level off, the general appearance and glass are similar, have strong ability to resist ultraviolet ray; The particles endurance plate on large and small granular appearance, so its adornment sex is strong; And resistance to delimit endurance plate and special endurance plate light-box, before a surface through special processing, has the very good resistance to delimit and durability; And then a specially added in material diffuse material, so the transmission of light is poorer, avoid the light pollution. Type was determined, and then to select endurance plate color, rich endurance plate not only functional, but also has a variety of colors. In general endurance plate can be custom-made color is blue, grass green, red, transparent color, dark brown, orange, black, ivory and so on, we can according to the style of the building or its need to choose color. Based on past experience, ceiling bus must have the shading effect, so choose color deep endurance plate. Then also set good endurance plate specifications, by the way, this aspect also should combine their own actual situation, can generally reference data is mainly thickness, weight, minimum curvature and the width and length. The thickness of the plate optional 1 of endurance. 8 - 20 mm, weight control in 2. 4 - 7. 2 kg / ㎡, minimum bending - in 200 Between 600 mm wide is 500 - 2100 mm, length is 30000 - 50000mm。 In all these basic parameters, will consider endurance plate prices, because it will be influenced by manufacturers, material quality, variety and so on factors, so the qualified brand manufacturer produces endurance plate price is expensive, of course, but also the guarantee of quality.
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