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Four levels of sunshine board wall crack causes and prevention measures

by:UNQ     2020-10-26
1310 when check the sunshine board found that plank wall crack appeared, it is supposed to four layers polycarbonate sheet, all aspects of the performance is good, how could appear crack? What problems caused by? Through meticulous and overall check to draw, four layers sunshine board is inside a crack, because on the width of the opening sealing glass adhesive, structural adhesive and other half liquid glue. So the glue can in under the action of heat bilges cold shrink temperature gap between day and night, tear sunshine board wall. Due to four sunshine board inside two layers of thermal insulation layer is thinner, weaker, so the crack is will only appear on the inside, outside are not produced, the service life of the polycarbonate sheet will not be affected because of this, but at least it will have beautiful sex and transmission of light. In fact similar problems can be avoided, that's as far as possible not to use on the four levels of sunshine board liquid sealing glue, but use, is solid glue. Butyl waterproof adhesive tape is a good choice, optional butyl tape, butyl tape. Except seal has asked sun plate fixed should have corresponding standards, especially when it is installed with profiles, most profiles have enough flexibility, so you need to plate bend properly, when the two can be fixed after the match.
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