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Flame-retardant PC board is widely used in the field

by:UNQ     2021-03-21
Flame-retardant PC boards are used for power system insulation, disk drive insulation, keyboard insulation, TV/monitor insulation, and computer motherboard insulation. Widely used in electronic components and electrical appliances. This flame-retardant PC film can be halogen-free and flame-retardant, meeting the most stringent environmental protection requirements of global companies. It is halogen-free, unlimited heavy metals, phosphate-free, and environmentally friendly. It can be processed by die-cutting and cold pressing. The surface can be directly hot stamped, flexographic, offset, flatbed, photogravure, and relief printing. The metal foils are laminated together to make high temperature resistant devices against electromagnetic interference. Flame-retardant PC sheets is characterized by low moisture absorption, good voltage and heat resistance, good perforation/tear stability, and good thermal bonding performance with metal.

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