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Fixing method of PC board processing products-PC sunshine board

by:UNQ     2021-04-04

Fixing method of PC sheets processing products-PC polycarbonate sheet

Fixing method of PC board processing products-pc polycarbonate sheet installation simple roofing and covering, can adopt anti-negative pressure nail fixing method, can be made of aluminum Or steel production, can be used in 'dry' and 'wet' methods, weather-resistant EPDM sealing tape, countersunk screws and high-end surfaces.

PC sheets processing products should use electric drills with limit devices to fasten the screws to avoid internal stress caused by over-tightening, which will cause premature failure and warpage of the board. Pay attention to the vertical surface when nailing, tilting will cause damage or leakage of the board.

PC board processing product screw button: replace the gasket with a special plastic screw button to improve the screw performance, can be equipped with suitable rubber pads, with or without sealing caps, PC sheets processing product advantages: sleeve rod It can prevent excessive drilling and fracturing the plate surface around the screw, so as to evenly compress and avoid cracking at the screw; at the same time, the plate hole is sealed to prevent water and dust from penetrating into the plate. The screw button can use the same screw (6mm) as mentioned above, but it needs to be slightly longer due to the thickness of the button.

It is recommended to use self-tapping or self-drilling screws to fix the PC board processing products. PC board processing products should use suitable wood screws in the wooden structure. All screws should be corrosion-resistant, at least through a strong corrosion-resistant hot-dip treatment, or stainless steel (if used in an extremely corrosive environment). The diameter of the screw should be 6mm (1/4in.), and the length is determined according to the thickness of the plate, the type of washer, and the type of supporting structure.

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